TV Pilot: Unfinished Business


Mini-series TV: Roughnecks with Harry Morgan in bathtub
and Sam Melville and Stephen McHattie
(behind me left to right) produced by Metromedia


"All That Jazz"  starring Joel Grey
Live at CBS Studios/Hollywood


NBC- Third Watch (Shot in Rikers Prison)

KTTV Los Angeles - Midnight Movie Hostess
for Series Showing B Movies

ABC-TV hostess for The Black Gold Awards
Dick Clark Productions...Joe Williams and Little Richard

Jonny Zero (Fox-TV)

Salute To Vaudeville

CBS Special: Salute To Vaudeville



Marilyn Kagen

Home & Family
Salute To Maui

 Home & Family
Christmas Special

The Human Animal
(NBC Special)




Married with Children

KTTV Midnight Movie

60 Minutes (Life of an Actress)

The Christina Agnelli Story

On the set of Baywatch


Bakersfield P.D.

On the set of Bakersfield PD


Johnny Zero

Third Watch

The Liar's Club

Maureen O'Boyle

Bakersfield P.D. (17 episodes)

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